Types of Loft Beds

Loft beds are a wonderful addition to any bedroom. Whether you are shopping for yourself or a child, loft beds offer a creative place to sleep, giving a sense of adventure to the nightly routine. They have inspiring and fun designs, save and utilize a ton of space, and are very practical long term investments.

You will find loft beds come in a variety of styles from contemporary to fantasy. Typically they are made from wood or metal. Their simplicity can add great flavour to your home decor, especially since they come in a wide range of colours. They can be for adults or children. Loft beds come in ladder variants or with steps.

Ladder loft beds are generally simpler, so they are often cheaper in price than the stair models. That’s not to say they don’t still make the most of the space they occupy. Some loft beds with ladders have a funky design, like the DHP Studio Twin Loft set in particular. This twin loft bed comes with plenty of shelf space underneath a twin bed, leading to some inventive use of what little room it takes. The Dorel Living Harlan Loft Bed is a single ladder bunk bed that offers a desk. This contemporary style wooden frame piece is a subtly mature addition to your child’s room.

The Bristol Gunmental Bunk Bed is more of the traditional metal frame bed that most people know and love. It has plenty of storage space underneath two full-sized mattresses. It can split into two beds if necessary. For a single dozer, DHP’s Tiffany loft bed lifts a twin mattress over a built-in shelf space with clearance underneath you can utilize.

A loft bed with stairs is also a viable option. These types of loft beds typically cost more but are solidly built. Just as they sound, they are bunk beds accompanied by a staircase leading to the top. However, most companies go the extra mile with these beds and add several storage spaces. Many loft beds have drawers within the steps, like the Bedz King Stairway Bunk Bed. This huge, full-over-full loft bed not only has drawers in the steps but also under the lower bunk. To top it off, it has a bookcase installed on the side of the steps. Most often that’s the norm for a loft bed with stairs.

Another stair variant, the ACME Freya Loft Bed, is a masterpiece of bedroom furniture. It contains one bed overhanging shelf space and a out-facing workstation with three storage drawers. In addition to that, it has a separate drawer space, with 5 drawers, and a small bookcase underneath the steps. It’s a fun way to spice up your child’s room and encourage space and task management with one piece of furniture.

Both ladder and stair loft beds typically have guardrails on the top bunk for safety. Stairs will also have rails to protect children. Either can have a work space, desk, or shelf space for greater utilization. Some types of beds can even be split into two separate beds if need be. They may also feature pullout beds to accommodate guests. There are plenty of options when choosing a loft bed for your home.

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