Scram Kitty Dx Review

March 2015 Review Recap

It’s the end of the month, so it’s time we took a look at all of the reviews that I published in March.  The list, however, isn’t as long as it could be, as I did a lot of work on the PSVR Forum in the early days of the month.  I still managed to …

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Scram Kitty DX Review + Video Review

  Title: Scram Kitty DXDeveloper: Dakko DakkoGame Type: PlayStation VitaDownload: 112 MBNA Availability: Digital DownloadEU Availability: Digital DownloadPSTV Support: Yes For years, developers have been melding genres together in new games.  There are many games on the market that don’t have a single genre to classify them as.  Maybe a game has light RPG elements and light puzzle elements and light shooter …

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