Pac Man

Street Fighter x Tekken Review

Title: Street Fighter x TekkenDeveloper: Capcom, Namco Bandai GamesGame Type: PlayStation VitaDownload: 2.1 GBNA Availability: Digital Download | RetailEU Availability: Digital Download | RetailPSTV Support: No If there is one genre of games that the PlayStation Vita has plenty of, it is the genre of fighting games.  This thought isn’t even counting the many games of many genres in its backwards-compatibility list.  …

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Pac Man World Review

Title: Pac-Man WorldDeveloper: NamcoGame Type: PlayStation ClassicDownload: 235 MBNA Availability: Digital Download, Direct DownloadEU Availability: Currently Unavailable Think back on the original days of the arcade.  The days before we had portable powerhouse systems like the Vita and the 3DS.  Before the PlayStation and Nintendo 64.  Think back to when Arcades had games that weren’t full of 3D effects, zombie-shooting, …

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