Invizimals: The Resistance Review

Title: Invizimals: The ResistanceDeveloper: Novarama, SCEA Game Type: PlayStation VitaDownload: 1.5 GBNA Availability: Digital DownloadEU Availability: Digital Download  | RetailPSTV Support: No Ever since the generation of the PSP, the gaming community has wondered what Sony would do in response to other competing franchises, especially with Nintendo.  In the handheld world, there are some franchises that are especially well from Nintendo’s perspective.  What …

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October 2014 Review Recap

It’s the end of the month, and you all know what that means!  It’s time to round up every review we have posted for the entire month and give you, our followers, our Review Recap!  Do note that this month wasn’t a particularly busy month for us.  We only managed to amass ten reviews, as …

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Invizimals: The Alliance Review

Title: Invizimals: The AllianceDeveloper: Novarama, SCEA Game Type: PlayStation VitaDownload: 1.3 GBNA Availability: Digital Download  | RetailEU Availability: Digital Download  | Retail Ever since Sony went into the handheld market with the PSP, and now the PS Vita, there have been a lot of questions.  Many of these questions regarded when certain types of games would be coming out on those handheld systems.  …

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