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Chrono Cross Review

Title: Chrono Cross Developer: Squaresoft Platform: PlayStation Vita Game Type: PS One Classic Download: 776 MB NA Availability: Digital Download EU Availability: Currently Unavailable PSTV Support:Yes There are tons of games out there that are praised as “The Greatest Game of All Time”.  I can list a lot of the big hitters than are more well-known for receiving this praise.  Final Fantasy VII.  …

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Rally Copters Review

Title: Rally Copters Developer: Storm Basic Games Platform: PlayStation Vita Game Type: Vita Download: 164 MB NA Availability: Digital Download EU Availability: Digital Download PSTV Support:Yes How many Helicopter games have you played in your lifetime?  I sure haven’t played that many and that is for certain.  When I think of Helicopter games, the first that comes to mind is a game …

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