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Hysteria Project 2 Review

Title: Hysteria Project 2Developer: Sanuk GamesGame Type: PlayStation MiniDownload: 91 MBNA Availability: Digital Download | Direct DownloadEU Availability: Digital Download | Direct Download Horror games on handhelds have been somewhat of a thing since the last generation of handhelds.  Way back in the days of the Game Boy Color, Capcom had intended, and nearly finished, a GBC port of the original Resident …

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Hysteria Project Review

Title: Hysteria ProjectDeveloper: Sanuk GamesGame Type: PlayStation MiniDownload: 83 MBNA Availability: Digital Download, Direct DownloadEU Availability: Digital Download, Direct Download There are a lot of backwards-compatible games for the PlayStation Vita.  It can play Vita games, but it can also play a lot more.  If you start diving into the PlayStation Network, there are four other types of games the …

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