Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Review

  Title: Silent Hill: Shattered MemoriesDeveloper: KonamiGame Type: PlayStation PortableDownload: 760 MBNA Availability: Digital Download | PS3 Transfer RequiredEU Availability: Currently Unavailable The horror genre has been changing, over the years.  From back in the 1990s, there have been two major gaming franchises that people go to for horror: Resident Evil and Silent Hill.  These two franchises offered some very unique …

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End of Serenity Review

Title: End of SerenityDeveloper: Natsume, IncGame Type: PlayStation PortableDownload: 29 MBNA Availability: Digital Download, Direct DownloadEU Availability: Currently Unavailable Nearly a month ago, the PlayStation Portable was officially discontinued by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan.  The PSP nearly had a 10-year run and its legacy lives on from within the PlayStation Vita.  Since shortly after launch, the Vita had been able …

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