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Uncharted: Golden Abyss Review

  Title: Uncharted: Golden AbyssDeveloper: Bend StudiosGame Type: PlayStation VitaDownload: 2.9 GBNA Availability: Digital Download | RetailEU Availability: Digital Download | RetailPSTV Support: No I’m coming really late to the party for some of my reviews, but I’m trying to knock out my review backlog to get out as many reviews for you guys as I can.  On that note, one of …

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Resistance: Retribution Review

Title: Resistance: RetributionDeveloper: Bend StudiosGame Type: PSPDownload: 1.3 GBNA Availability: Digital DownloadEU Availability: Digital DownloadPSTV Support: Yes One of the few genres that is hard to find on the PlayStation Vita, or handhelds in general, is definitely the shooting genre. While Vita owners did get a new shooting game recently with Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition, there aren’t many shooting games on …

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