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Mimana Iyar Chronicle Review

Title: Mimana Iyar ChronicleDeveloper: Premier Agency, Aksys Games (Publisher)Game Type: PSPDownload: 443 MBNA Availability: Digital DownloadEU Availability: Digital DownloadPSTV Support: Yes Action RPGs have been an interesting breed of game since their origination way back in the early days of gaming.  From games like Tales of Phantasia, Star Ocean, and more, they’ve brought more action-oriented gameplay to the Role-Playing Game genre for …

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Xblaze Code: Embryo Review

Title: Xblaze Code: EmbryoDeveloper: Aksys Games, Arc System WorksGame Type: PlayStation VitaDownload: 1.4 GBNA Availability: Digital Download | RetailEU Availability: Currently Unavailable Visual Novels are something interestingly tied to games, nowadays.  Within visual novels normally shows scenes that show character artwork on either side of the screen, along with text and dialogue along the bottom of the screen.  This has been …

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