Site Upgrade: Explaining All the New Features and Changes

As I’m sure all of you have noticed, a lot of changes were made to the site recently.  So, I figured it would be prudent and appropriate to detail these changes and explain what each section is for and why some things look the way that they do.

First of all, thanks to the funded Kickstarter for the site, I was able to make this upgrade.  So, that’s all thanks to my following and readers whom have contributed to my funding.  Now, let’s get into each upgrade made to the site.

Site Logo


This new logo was contributed by Nazar Ops, otherwise known as PS Vita Gaming Unite and PS Vita Unity on YouTube via the following YouTube channel:

Click Here for PS Vita Unity’s YouTube Channel

Due to the new design’s background, I opted to have a logo/banner made with a transparent background to not clash with the color scheme.


Updated Menus


New Menu

These menus aren’t very much different than they were on the old site.  However, I did make some changes.  Thanks to the new design, I now have a Primary Menu and Main Menu.

The Primary Menu consists of more general sections: Home, About, and Contact.  This is mostly just to show general information like the Home Page, the Mission Statement of the site, and the basic Contact form for reviews and various ways of contacting me, instead of just the site contact info.

The Main Menu has had some changes.  Because of the PS Mobile Closure, and to make the sub-menu look a little nicer, I opted to remove the PS Mobile Apps and PS Mobile Games sections from the Reviews section of the menu.  The reviews are still there on the site, but I removed them since no one is going to be buying anything from PSM anymore.

I have also removed the “Reviews” ending to each category title on the menus.  Everyone already knows that everything under “Reviews” are reviews, so it makes more sense for those sub-menu items to only say what they are, saying “PlayStation Mini” instead of “PlayStation Mini Reviews”.

I’ve also re-ordered the Main Menu.  Before, I had things in Alphabetical Order.  Thanks to some input from both Benna and TasheRAWR from the site’s forum, I have re-ordered this to feature the Reviews and Video Reviews sections first and foremost, to put more emphasis on that content.


Message for Developers Page



I have added a new section to the Primary Menu.  Because more developers are contacting me without me contacting them first, I added a “Letter” to developers to the main header so any developers looking at the site will know that I want PSTV information and where to contact me if they wish to make press relations and get a review going for their game.

Slider / Slideshow

New Slider

This will be a 3-slide Slide-show that will display on the home page and was built into the new design.  I can make it into as many slides as I so wish, but for right now, I think 3 is enough to grab your attention, but not seem too overwhelmingly long.

The Slides will show my PlayStation TV Compatibility List (and the date the last update took place), and the newest 2 reviews published on the site.


New Reviews Section

New Reviews

Right next to the Slider is the “New Reviews” section.  This will be a section that details all of the 10 newest postings on the site.  Because almost all of my postings are reviews, I am calling it “New Reviews”.  Since the Index Page is no longer a blog format, I believe this is necessary so people know what all has been posted recently.


Latest Comments Section

New Comments

Directly below the New Reviews section is a section to showcase the latest comments made on the site’s postings.  While this doesn’t look incredibly awesome with the generic portraits on it, I believe it’s also important to see who’s discussing what, especially if someone asks a question on the site that you want to know the answer of.


Top Reviews of the Week

New Top

This is my favorite part that I spent the better part of 2 hours getting to work correctly.  Here is where I use the “Editor’s Pick” feature in the software to showcase a Top Reviews of the Week section on the site.

The reviews that I feature here are taken straight from my site’s statistics.  I can check the traffic of what gets looked at the most on the site on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.  So, I took a look at the current stats, and the three featured there are the reviews that have gotten the most traffic.  Every week, that is how these reviews shall be picked to be featured on the Index Page.

Those are the major changes made so far!  I will say that, as it is now, it does look a little short when you pull it up on Mobile.  I have considered extending the Top Reviews of the Week to 5 games instead of 3, if I can find something to place on the right side-bar to make sure everything stays even.

Any comments or suggestions (of what may be possible to do) are always welcome.  I hope you guys like the new upgrade!