Sega Genesis Collection Review

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Title: Sega Genesis Collection
Developer: Sega
Game Type: PlayStation Portable
Download: 724 MB
NA Availability: Digital Download | PS3 Transfer Required
EU Availability: Digital Download | Direct Download

Game Collections have been a very big trend in the past several years.  We have seen what are called “HD Remaster” collections and more for various series.  If you take a look back, there are collections for Silent Hill, Dragon Ball Z, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, God of War, and more.  There are even HD Collections happening for last-gen games for consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One.

Though if you look back, game collections had happened before.  Not in the same way, but they did happen.  Previous collections, say, in the PSP/PS2 era, were actually bigger than the ones that are coming out right now.  Some collections not only offered games, but offered a huge number of games.  They weren’t up to the level of PS2 games like today’s collections are, but they offered a lot of content.

Thinking back to the PSP generation, there are such collections that can be played on the PS Vita.  One game to offer hundreds of hours of content are available, if you have the right tools.  One such collection just wouldn’t make a PSP library complete without it.  Here is our official review of the PSP title, Sega Genesis Collection!


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The story is impossible to tell for this collection, because there are so many stories built in one.  As we will discuss in the Gameplay section of this review, there are tons of different games with different stories in them.  This collection has the struggles between Sonic and Dr. Robotnik in the origins of his franchise, as well as the universe-wide conflict in the Phantasy Star games and Zeus’ Daugher in peril from Altered Beast.

There are so many stories built into this collection that you just cannot keep up.  There is no one story, unless the story would be the fact that all of these games have been compiled together into one game for you to play and enjoy all at the same time.  We could go into each individual story, but we would make a review-length section just doing that for each of the 28 games built into this collection.


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Gameplay also isn’t an easy part of this game to explain because there are a lot of different games thrown into the mix.  But as far as a genre is concerned, this game is a compilation or collection of games.  It is packed with 28 games, and they are all from the original Sega Genesis console.

As far as what you have available to you, there is a lot to choose from.  All 28 games are unlocked from the get-go, so you don’t have to worry about playing games to unlock others.  Though, there are a few smaller “mini” games that do unlock after you’ve played some of the others, but the main chunk of the collection is available from the get-go.  There is no lack of genres, either.  The game has platformers like the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog and Ristar, RPGs like Phantasy Star IV and Sword of Vermilion, and fighting games like Virtua Fighter 2.  There is something here for everyone.

At its very simplest, think of this like a SEGA Genesis emulator.  When you boot up any of the games that are available to you, you have many customization options as you would if you were using a game emulator on your PC.  You have options to customize how the game is zoomed in on the screen, controls you can re-set to different buttons, and options to make “Save States” allowing you to stop the game at any given moment and save or load the game again.  This makes it very convenient, especially when you’re playing a difficult game.

The games, themselves, play just like they did on the Genesis.  Nothing was changed from them for this collection.  If you boot up Sonic the Hedgehog, it will play exactly as it played on the Genesis back in 1991.  Because of this, there is a certain nostalgia factor, but it also stays faithful to what everyone who was gaming back then remembers of all of the games.  Aside from the feel of the controls on the Vita, it will feel just like playing the games back then, but in handheld form.

Aside from the games, there is a lot of other content available that you can unlock.  As we spoke of before, there are various “mini” games that you can unlock by playing certain games or playing multiple games.  Aside from this, there are also several developer and creator interviews and trailers that you can unlock.  If you’re a Sega fan, there is a huge amount of extra content that you can unlock, whether that be done by playing certain games or playing every game at least once.

Since this has so many games in it, you will be spending a ton of time with the game if you want to play everything.  If you just take Phantasy Star II, III, and IV into account, they will last you at least 70-80 hours alone, and that’s only three of the 28 games available to you.  If you play every game in the collection to the end, expect this collection to last you at least 150 hours.


As far as controls are concerned, they are light, mostly due to the fact that these games were on the Sega Genesis, which didn’t have a lot of different buttons on the controller.  You will not need the touch screen for this, though you can certainly move buttons to those buttons if you wish.

Navigating the menu and moving characters around in various games is done with the D-Pad or the Left Analog Stick.  Various other controls in the games are done with the X, Square, and Circle Buttons.  Some games use all three of these buttons, and others only use some of them.  You can also switch the button configuration around until you find something that feels comfortable for you.

The Select Button can be used to pull up the Customization Options, like the video and control options, or using Save States.  The Start Button can also be used to pause the game, which normally just “freezes time” on it.

All in all, the control scheme is very simple.


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As far as visuals go, most of the games still look good on the Vita’s screen.  Being games that were originally made for large TV’s, the graphics of the game look good on the smaller screen on the Vita.  They don’t look perfect, though.  Some of the games have very dated graphics, so don’t expect smooth and perfect character models.

As far as how the game plays, it plays very well.  This collection had some crashing issues on the PSP, but we did not encounter any of these issues while playing several games on the Vita.  With the crashing issues gone, the game will be much more enjoyable.  Though it does sport some fair load times.  When you load up a game in the collection, expect to wait about 13 seconds for it to boot up.  This isn’t terrible, but it isn’t quick, either.


Sega Genesis Collection was one of the early Collections before the big HD Remaster trend came along.  Packing 28 games and over a hundred hours of content, no SEGA fan who owns a Vita should be without this game.    While there are some lengthy load times, there is more content than you will know what to do with.

The PlayStation Vita Review Network Rates Sega Genesis Collection a 8/10