PlayStation TV Recap: September 2015

PSTV Septeber

Just like last month and the month before, I have a recap for the PlayStation TV in North America!  This is taken from my list and knowledge of every single game that has released this month and is compatible with the PLayStation TV.  This also includes upcoming games that are confirmed to be compatible with the PlayStation TV and games that have recently become aware to me that I’ve added into the list.

So, here is the PSTV Recap for September 2015:

Back to Bed
Corpse Party: Blood Drive (Upcoming)
Crossroad Crisis
Fat City
Frozen Synapse Prime
Heroes of Loot
IA/VT Colorful
Mega Man Legends
Puzzle: Star Sweep
Rally Copters
Samurai Warriors 4-II
Super Blackout (Upcoming)
Super Time Force Ultra
The Quiet Collection
Twitch (Upcoming)

That’s not a bad addition to the list in one month.  18 titles.  That does it for this update and I hope all of you look forward to the upcoming updates!