October 2014 US Giveaway: Freedom Wars



It’s almost towards the end of October, and we finally have our new Giveaway ready!  We have been working very hard at setting this up, so hear us out and see what we have in store for you.  It has been well more than a month since our last Giveaway, but we have a new US/North America Giveaway, and it’s for a game that is coming out in exactly one week: Freedom Wars!

Remember that this is a North America/United States Giveaway, and we have changed the way we are doing these Giveaways.  We will no longer be accepting entries though Twitter, Blog Comments, and Email.  Instead, we have created a Forum/Message Board for our site, and our Giveaways will be done there.  Requirements for entering the giveaway are as follows:

1. You must register as a member on our forum – http://forums.13.sad-doma.net/
2. You must have at least 5 collective postings on that forum.  This can include new topics and responses
3. Respond to the Freedom Wars Giveaway topic on the forum to express interest – Giveaway Topic

Once you respond to the topic, you will be added to the Giveaway List, and when the winner is decided, they will be announced on the forums and given their Download Code for Freedom Wars on the forum in the form of a Private Message from me.

You have from right now until midnight on October 28th, the release day of Freedom Wars,to enter this contest.  So,head on over to our forums and enter for your chance to win!  As always, good luck to all!