December 2014 Review Changes

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If anyone has noticed, our past few reviews have had a new design and formatting change.  While the bulk of the reviews are the same, we’ve added a new field and have changed up our scoring system.  To not provide a lot of confusion with our following, I have opted to write up an article to help explain all of these changes to you all.

First of all, we’ve added a Subtitle section.  Under each review title, from now on, there will be a subtitle that ponders a question or element from the game.  This could be as simple as pondering how good a game is, but also throwing in some sort of comical reference on the game, itself.  For example, Fantasy Hero is a raid-style game, so we dubbed the subtitle whether it can “raid” its way to victory.  That’s a small addition but something to look at before hitting up the full review.

The second thing to consider is the scoring system.  Now, we have gotten a lot of feedback on that scoring system.  I, myself, have pondered the validity of that, or in scoring systems in general on points or numbers.  So, with the help of some of my following, I’ve devised a new method.

Instead of doing a Point System, we are opting for a category system.  Now, the categories are as follows:

Great – The game is exceptional, but does contain a couple flaws/faults
Good – The game has faults but is a good and worthy experience
Decent – The game has a substantial amount of faults, but is still an enjoyable game
Poor – The game has a lot of faults and people should think very carefully before making their purchase

This is to help the scoring system be more accurate among other things.  However, I wanted to make an article and reach out to our following so you can understand the changes we’ve made.  More or less, to avoid confusion.

If you have any questions about our new system, you can contact me directly on the Vita Reviews Forum, this site’s Twitter, or via email to