Console Saga Review

Title: Console Saga Developer: TACS Game Type: PlayStation Mobile Download: 43 MB NA Availability: Digital Download  EU Availability: Digital Download PSTV Support: Yes Retro games are a big element thrown into the PlayStation Mobile games, and many smaller developers in general.  The PSM library has a lot of retro and revival games, like Blue Beacon, Hungry Snake, and Simple Pong.  These games …

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June 2015 North America Giveaway: Sly Cooper Thieves in Time

This month we’ve been a little quiet, as far as giveaways are concerned.  I had initially thought about skipping this month because of a few underlying reasons.  However, since I had the opportunity of being gifted a North America PSN code by one of the outstanding members of my forum, we’re doing a North America …

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L2 / R2 Button Grip Review

With every gaming system, or electronic system in general, there is always something that is wanted more than what is already there.  Take the PSP, for example.  It had the basics for the PlayStation controls, but it had a few things missing.  Many in that generation wished for the Analog Nub to be an actual …

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