August 2014 US Giveaway Winners: DarkAngelRafael and Felix824



Another giveaway has drawn to a close for the month.  Our August giveaway was a unique giveaway as it was an Indie Game, though that didn’t stop a huge 72 people from entering to get this beautiful game!  Tied with the fact that this is a cross-buy game, it’s definitely a game worth a look!  Let us give congratulations to our winners.

As promised though, we reached over 1,000 followers on Twitter this month, which allowed us to celebrate by doubling this giveaway!  We normally only have one winner for our US giveaways, but in celebration of 1.000 Followers, here are not one, but our TWO winners!


Congratulations to them for winning the contest, and for the 70 others who entered!  Remember that we will be back next month with another giveaway, and also remember we have a very big review coming tomorrow, for all anime and RPG fans!

Thank You for the continued support and have a great day!