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App Title: PlayStation Now
App Type: PlayStation Vita
File Size: 97 MB
NA Availability: Digital Download
EU Availability: Digital Download
PSTV Support: Yes

Applications are very few and far between on the PS Vita.  If you recall, it’s been several months since we have posted a review on an application for the Vita.  There used to be a situation where applications were coming out very often, particularly on the PlayStation Mobile platform.  However, there have been some new applications coming to the PS Vita, lately, and it’s time we made a new App Review!

Game Rentals and Game Streaming have been a mixed bag since the very concept of it was made.  Do you want to rent a game to play it and not really own it?  It’s a difficult question.  Apart from that, how much would you be willing to pay for this service?  What would be your definition of being too expensive for renting a game for a certain amount of time?  However, it is happening.  While it hasn’t gone full-force yet, there is now an Open Beta for the service called PlayStation Now for both the PS Vita and the PlayStation TV.

PlayStation Now is a service that allows gamers to stream PlayStation 3 games onto their other devices.  You can pay a fee per game and for how long you want, and you can stream the game onto your device over the Internet to be able to play it.  Thinking on this, there are so many questions that need to be answered.  Now that it has been available on both the Vita and the PSTV for a few weeks, here is our official review of the PlayStation Now app!

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There are a lot of things you can do with a PlayStation Vita, or a handheld device in general.  People can do a lot with them, specifically, with applications, or apps.  Weather.  Netflix.  Timer.  Alarm Clock.  YouTube.  The range seems absolutely limitless for what, exactly, they can make apps for.  While the PlayStation Vita has a fairly limited library of apps, it is slowly growing and there are some really interesting apps out there that you can download.

One thing to note is Alarm Clocks.  This is something every person sorely needs.  No one wants to oversleep and be late for school, work, or anything else they need to be at a certain place for.  Because of that, people have alarm clocks.  Thanks to the digital age, there are a lot of apps available on various devices to enable Alarm Clocks.  Phones, for example, have become alarm clocks for some people.

Let’s say, though, that you don’t want your phone on all night long, every night.  You don’t want it getting hot and overheating while you’re fast asleep.  For that, there are apps for other devices that can act as Alarm Clocks for you.  On the PlayStation Vita, there is an app specifically designed to be your own alarm clock, as well as interacting with others with their own sleep patterns and alarms.  Here is our official review of the PlayStation Vita app, Wake Up Club.

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Out of all of the streaming services that are available on the PlayStation Vita, only two of them have been on the system for a long time.  Hulu Plus, Redbox Instant, Crunchy Roll, and many others only came to the system a few months ago.  Before that, the system did not have a whole lot as far as streaming services goes.  It had Netflix, which works fairly well on the system.  But other than it and one other app, video-streaming was pretty much limited to its Web Browser.

However, as I stated above, there was another video service on the system, though I’m not sure it is something that I would normally associate with other video services, like Hulu and Netflix.  While it allowed you to watch videos, it wasn’t and still isn’t a subscription-based service.  Available on almost everything now, the other video service available on the PS Vita back then was the video-streaming giant, YouTube.

YouTube has been around for a long time and has allowed people to upload their own videos, watch videos, and like or comment on videos.  It’s also seen some integration with Google Plus, which many people were not very happy about.  But all of that is past now, and we have YouTube to use and enjoy videos with.  So, how is the PS Vita app?  Let’s find out.  Here is our official review of the YouTube app.

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The library of apps available on the PlayStation Vita is slowly growing.  Not even a few months ago, apps in the form of streaming services really kicked off.  While the Vita had access to the Netflix service more than year before then, developers finally brought many of the other services to the system.  This included a lot of major hitters, most notably Hulu Plus, Crackle, Crunchy Roll, and Redbox Instant.  This brought the Vita up to the same speed as the PlayStation 3, as far as these services go.

Last week, we brought you our official coverage of the Netflix app, which overall was a pretty good app.  While this has been out for awhile, we definitely need to check out the other services.  Every service has its own fanbase.  The hardcore anime fans go to Crunchy Roll.  Movie-goers head straight to Netfllix and Redbox Instant.  Where do people go when they want to watch TV Shows?  Those people go straight to Hulu Plus.

Hulu Plus is the streaming service, bringing new TV to all who want to fight them.  With the same cost as Netflix, it is a highly-watched service.  So, how does the service stack up on the PS Vita?  Let’s find out.  Here is our official review of the Hulu Plus app.

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The PlayStation Vita’s list of apps is slowly growing.  Alongside, the equally-growing list of apps available through PlayStation Mobile, the Vita has access to default apps like Mail and Calendar, to many other apps via the PlayStation Store, like Flickr, Facebook, LiveTweet, Hulu Plus, and more.  The app library is slowly growing, and there are a lot of popular services now available on the system.  From social media to media streaming services, there is a lot of non-gaming ways to enjoy a PlayStation Vita.

One area of applications that we have no gone in-depth to review yet is a notable one: media streaming.  There are many different services around that allow you to stream music and movies.  If you recall, we had made a review for the Crunchy Roll, an anime-specific streaming service, which did pretty well on the Vita.  However, there are many others out there, and many are much more popular.  Red Box Instant.  Hulu Plus.  Netflix.

If we had to choose one that had to be the most popular and had the most content, Netflix would be our choice.  Netflix doesn’t have incredibly recent material (though it does have movies as recent as Insidious: Chapter 2), but it has an immense amount of content you can enjoy.  So, how does Netflix stack up on the PS Vita?  Here is our official review of the Netflix app for the PlayStation Vita.

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There are a lot of Apps for the PlayStation Vita, and a lot of them are useful, outside of just PlayStation-branded apps.  You have apps like Email to manage your email accounts, LiveTweet to handle your Twitter, or Netflix to handle your movie-streaming needs.  However, there are many integral applications for devices like this, using a Touch Screen and Multi-Device interface, and the Vita doesn’t have much of some of them.

Two big ones I think of are Notepad and Calendar.  Note-taking apps are essential for Mobile when you want to take some quick notes.  The PlayStation Vita does have access to this kind of app, but it is not native.  There are a few notepad applications through PlayStation Mobile, and none of them are really up to snuff.  They’re decent, but nowhere near great.  The Calendar, however, has had some development.  In the last set of software updates for the system, it got a dedicated Calendar app.

Calendars are important because you can set up notifications, events, and more.  You can keep track of things like when it’s time to come back from Break at work, or even what days that we have set for certain reviews.  It’s quite an interesting and useful feature.  So how does the PlayStation Vita’s Calendar App stack up?  Let’s find out.  Here is our official review of the Calendar app for the PlayStation Vita.

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This review was requested by and is dedicated to @Luisjavier2896 from Twitter

Let’s talk about Streaming Video.  If you think about these kinds of services that allow you to stream video for Television Shows, Movies, Anime, and other media forms, you’ll think of a few right away.  There’s Netflix, Hulu Plus, Redbox Instant, and more.  Well, there are a lot of others as well, and some of them are more media-specific.  There are even services that are surrounded around media like Anime and Japanese Drama Shows.

The PlayStation Vita is about to get a lot of these services.  It already has Netflix and has had that for awhile.  It’s also about to get Hulu Plus and Redbox Instant.  Not even a week ago, though, it got a few new ones.  One of the lesser-known services, called Crunchy Roll.  This is a service that is specifically centered on Anime, Japanese Drama, and even Manga.  Vita users can now access this database from their system.  Here is our review of Crunchy Roll for the PlayStation Vita.

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The PlayStation Vita has many apps available to it, and in the next couple weeks, Sony has promised a lot of new apps, from Hulu Plus to Redbox Instant.  There are certain apps, though, that are useful and efficient for things that certain types of people want.  For example, a review like myself can get some pretty good use out of apps pertaining to email, but more importantly, photos and screenshots.

As a reviewer, I am very attached to the Screenshot feature of the system, where you can press the Home and Start Buttons at the same time to take a screenshot of whatever is on the screen, savor backwards-compatible games and certain PS Vita games.  Utilizing these screenshots requires that I upload them to a photo-sharing service.  If it weren’t for some apps available on the Vita, this would be a very tricky process.

Thankfully, there is a very convenient app for the Vita that makes uploading screenshots to be used in reviews very easy.  The photo-sharing service Flickr has a PlayStation Vita app that I use almost every day.  For those out there that want to upload screens for reviews or simply to upload screenshots and photos, here is our official review of Flickr for the PlayStation Vita.

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Social Media is a big thing in today’s societies.  Businesses.  Companies.  Friends and Family.  Even Game Developers get in contact with everyone they wish to by means of Social Media.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen new Game Articles that are based off information that was conveyed to gamers from developers from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more.  It’s becoming a very crucial part of the gaming industry.  As such, it makes sense that game systems have applications made for those services.

The PlayStation Vita is no exception to that.  Within its own selection of apps, it can open and access the two biggest services, as far as social media is concerned.  While it can open anything through its Web Browser, it has its very own apps for the services Facebook, which we previously reviewed.  However, there is also an app that allows the Vita to access the Twitter service, which I see much more gaming news being conveyed on.

The PlayStation Vita’s version of Twitter is unique, though.  Unless you read descriptions on the PlayStation Network, you just might miss it.  While the Vita’s Facebook is just called “Facebook”, the Twitter app is not called “Twitter”.  It is actually called “Livetweet”.  Here is our official review of LiveTweet for the PlayStation Vita.

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Ever since this writer was in high school, Social Media has been on the rise.  Back then, it was Myspace.  That soon evolved and everyone moved to Facebook, which was originally made for college students only.  However, as it evolved, more and more people, young and old, began to take part in it.  There have been countless social media web sites spawn since then, from Facebook to Twitter to Google Plus and others.  Nearly everyone in today’s world takes part in social media, in some form.

Out of all of the different ways and sites for this, though, Facebook still reigns supreme as the social media platform with the most people, hits, and more.  Facebook is something that everyone knows of, even if they don’t have an account there to be social or advertise their business.  It is also one of few social media services that has its own app for the PlayStation Vita, along with Twitter and Sony’s own social service.  After being around for so long, how does Facebook work on the PlayStation Vita?  Is it user-friendly or hair-pulling?  Here is our official review of the Facebook app for the PlayStation Vita.

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