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This review was requested by and is dedicated to TK.

PlayStation Mobile has been bringing apps to the Vita for quite a long time, and many of them seem very simplistic in nature.  Granted, there are few big developers that work on that service, other than Sony, themselves.  PlayStation Mobile development teams are more similar to teams around Indie Games.  They are very small teams, and some of them are even just a single person making games and applications for that platform.  It’s a tall order and that is likely why many PS Mobile apps are simplistic in nature.

Regardless, there are a lot of apps that come to the Vita, thanks to PlayStation Mobile.  Not even two weeks ago, one of those small development teams brought a Tumblr app to the Vita, which was a big step forward.  Apart from this, there are simple apps, like calendars, timers, weather, calculators, and more.  Most apps are only a single feature, though.  Many apps are only a calculator or only a timer or only a calendar.

That is quickly changing.  There are some apps that are more extensive than that.  As well as developers like ZHANG BO do on apps, there are some apps that release that are much more in-depth.  One such application is what we are going to talk about today.  Here is our official review of the PlayStation Mobile App, KI Scientific Toolbox.

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This review was requested by and is dedicated to Phil.

The Cloud is something that is very important to technology, these days.  Google Drive.  Sky Drive.  One Drive.  iCloud.  There are so many different names for different servers that implement “The Cloud” of technology throughout the world of the Internet.  People want to store their files online so they don’t have to be on a specific device to be able to view it.  Write a document on their PC and upload it to the Cloud and then pull out their phone and pull it up when they’re on the move.  This is going further and further.

The Cloud has also affected the PlayStation Vita.  If you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can store save data on the Cloud to be able to access after removing a game from your Memory Card.  There are also some apps out there that are implementing the Cloud in a more document-type sense.  While there currently are no Vita-specific apps that do this, there are some coming into the world of PlayStation Mobile.  One such app is called Sola Disk, by the very-dedicated PS Mobile developer, ZHANG BO.  Here is our official review of Sola Disk.

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When you think about Apps and the PlayStation Vita, you will realize there just isn’t a huge library of apps out there.  Even today, when I was trying to find an app to review, I had to look through my Download List because I have already reviewed all of the apps I use on a regular basis, from the Vita and PlayStation Mobile.  That goes to show that the library of apps available on the system is relatively small, despite growing steadily from the PlayStation Mobile side.

On the PlayStation Mobile side, however, is where most of the apps reside.  The Vita has some great apps but it needs many more to be side-by-side with PlayStation Mobile.  That service gets new apps in nearly every update, and that’s a pretty big deal for those of us that want more apps on the Vita.  One developer in particular is ZHANG BO, whom has contributed a lot of apps to the Vita, two of which we have reviewed.

Among the various services and features that ZHANG BO has given us through PlayStation Mobile, there is one that we are going to take a look at today that is two features in one.  What I mean by that is that it is one app, but it does two different things.  Keeping time is important and very handy to be able to do with the aid of an app.  Here is our official review of the PlayStation Mobile app, Sola Timer

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This review is dedicated to and was requested by @JH_BOOS of Twitter.

PlayStation Mobile has added a good bit of options for the Vita.  While it does offer mobile games on the system like Chaos Rings, Trolly Bird, Gun Commando, and others, it also adds the ability to run specific types of apps.  The important part of this is that some of the apps available on PlayStation Mobile, whether provided by Sony or otherwise, are different kinds of apps than the normal Vita apps that can be run by the system normally.  That list is slowly growing, though there aren’t too many different developers doing this.

One of the top contributors of these apps is a developer called ZHANG BO.  If you were following us back when we first implemented app reviews, as well as game reviews, you may realize that ZHANG BO is the first developer whose app we reviewed.  Sola Weather, one of their first apps, was the first PlayStation Mobile app we had the privilege of using and reviewing.  Since then, ZHANG BO has made a lot of different types of apps.  Weather, Calendar, Timer, Files, etc.  ZHANG BO did a nice job at bringing a lot of apps to the system in the “Sola / Solar” series of apps.

One of their more recent apps is something that the Vita doesn’t have a main app for, though does have certain capabilities of, otherwise.  This is for Chat Rooms.  There are a lot of different types of chat rooms that you can access.  Facebook has chat rooms.  The IRC services have many chat rooms.  There are also other methods of doing it.  ZHANG BO has created an app that they wish to serve as a primary Chat Room service for fans of the Vita and PlayStation Mobile.   Here is our official review of Sola Chatroom.

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When you initially think about PlayStation Mobile, without looking at the actual store, you think about Mobile games that are playable on the PlayStation Vita.  That makes sense, right?  The PlayStation brand has always been associated with games, particularly game consoles, savor the actual game that has the title within it, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.  So, when PlayStation Mobile comes to mind, most people think of games.

However, games are not the only form of media on PlayStation Mobile.  Take a few minutes to pull up the store and take a look at everything that’s actually in the store.  There are a lot of games, sure, but there are also apps, something very big in the Mobile market.  In fact, everything you use on the PS Vita is converted into an app.  Even games like Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Gex: Enter the Gecko.  Apps are rising, and they are especially rising in number on PlayStation Mobile.

One kind of app that most Mobile users need is an app to jot down notes.  Something to create notes with to save on the system so they can go back to it later on and remind themselves of it.  Or, they may just need a reference.  Thanks to PlayStation Mobile, there are a few note-taking apps available on the Vita.  Today, we will cover one such title.  Here is our official review of the PlayStation Mobile app, Notepad DX.

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Today, we are celebrating something new.  It’s almost the end of January, and we are expanding our site.  We have been doing game reviews for a good while now, and we feel we have been successful enough that we want to expand the range of our content.  While there are several different kinds of games that we offer reviews for, and will continue to do so, there is more we can do.  Apart from games, there is also a fair selection of Apps available on the system.  As of today, we will start reviewing games as well as apps.

Apps are what is bringing the PlayStation Vita, and other gaming systems, out of solely have its use being for playing video games to being a multi-function device.  With the PlayStation Vita’s Operating System and Live Area interface being very similar to the interfaces of Mobile systems like iOS and Android, the system is slowly becoming a multi-function system.  With apps coming out like Mail, Facebook, Livetweet, and more, you can do many different things on the PlayStation Vita.

One thing that the PlayStation Vita has been missing for quite a long time is a Weather app.  All Mobile devices have apps that help you figure out the temperature of your area as well as the weather forecast of the coming days.  Some apps are called The Weather Channel or just plain Weather, and normally come bundled with devices.  Thanks to PlayStation Mobile and a recent update, the PlayStation Vita has access to a Weather app through Solar Weather (called Sola Weather on the PS Store), developed by ZHANG BO.  Here is our official review of Solar Weather.

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