Title: LEGO Ninjago Nindroids
Developer: TT Games, Traveler’s Tales
Game Type: PlayStation Vita
Download: 1.4 GB
NA Availability: 
Digital Download | Retail

EU Availability: Digital Download | Retail

LEGO games in handheld form have become a different type of game than their console counterparts.  TT Games have made a habit of developing the handheld versions of their games to have a different feel than the console games, and many people have criticized the games for it.  This began with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and has gone through LEGO: The Hobbit.  The games are still fun, but they’re not the same as the console versions of the same game.

However, not all LEGO games release on every system.  While many of the big, license-based like LEGO: The Hobbit and LEGO: Batman have come out on every system around, there are some that are more exclusive to certain types of systems.  One of the more recent LEGO games has released only on handheld systems, bringing the newest LEGO adventure only to the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.

Seeing games come out like this is interesting, but also brings about certain elements.  Since the new game is only on handheld platforms, there is no console version to compare it to.  Has the gameplay engine for these handheld games improved since LEGO: The Hobbit?  Let’s find out.  Based on the LEGO Ninjago TV Series, here is our official review of LEGO Ninjago Nindroids!

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Title: Behind You
Developer: Satoshi Hamano
Game Type: PlayStation Mobile
Download:  140 MB
NA Availability: 
Digital Download, Direct Download

EU Availability: Digital Download, Direct Download

Stealth games is a genre that has evolved over the years.  When you think of “Stealth” you could think of a lot of different types of games.  However, one of the biggest names that comes up when think of stealth is also another “genre” in a way.  A big entry in the stealth genre has been known and even has subtitles of “Tactical Espionage Action”, which is talking about none other than Metal Gear.

Other than Metal Gear, how many stealth games are there for the Vita?  There may be an Indie Game or two but, other than backwards compatible games, your Vita Stealth experience will likely start and end with Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.  While this is a great collection, as we stated in our review of it, there should be multiple games of every genre on any specific platform.  While there aren’t many, the list of stealth games is growing and from one of the most unlikely of places: PlayStation Mobile.

Sony recently stopped Android support for PlayStation Mobile.  This means that PS Mobile games are now only playable on the PS Vita.  Some think they’ve stopped the support, altogether.  However, there are more games coming, and the games are getting better and more unique, thanks to Unity Support.  A recent release on PlayStation Mobile, here is our official review of the stealth game, Behind You!

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Title: Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1
Developer: Idea Factory International, Compile Heart
Game Type: PlayStation Vita
Download: 3.0 GB
NA Availability: 
Digital Download | Retail

EU Availability: Digital Download

As one of our last reviews stated, the PlayStation Vita is home to many RPGs, and most of those are Action RPG’s.  Like the PSP before it, the PS Vita is quickly becoming a system that caters to much of the JRPG fanbase with games like Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, Persona 4 Golden, Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, and Ys: Memories of Celceta.  With more games on the way, like Chaos Rings III and Natural Doctrine, the library of RPGs available to the Vita is growing more and more.

What one looks for in some RPGs, though, is uniqueness.  Something that makes it unique and something people haven’t seen much of before.  While you have some unique games, like Ys: Memories of Celceta and Sword Art Online, that partially pull their roots from series on other systems to bring that uniqueness to the PS Vita, one thing that some RPG fans look for are not only uniqueness in the game, but also crossings between genres.

There aren’t many RPGs out there that cross genres, though there are some.  One such game is about to release on the Vita, and is from a very niche franchise.  By niche, I mean it’s a franchise that most gamers will not have heard of unless they’ve played the series before.  I am, of course, talking about Hyperdimension Neptunia.  This game does cross genres, as you will soon find out.  With Idea Factory International completely remaking and revamping the original PS3 game, here is our official review of Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1!

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sega 1


Title: Sega Genesis Collection
Developer: Sega
Game Type: PlayStation Portable
Download: 724 MB
NA Availability: Digital Download | PS3 Transfer Required
EU Availability: Digital Download | Direct Download

Game Collections have been a very big trend in the past several years.  We have seen what are called “HD Remaster” collections and more for various series.  If you take a look back, there are collections for Silent Hill, Dragon Ball Z, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, God of War, and more.  There are even HD Collections happening for last-gen games for consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One.

Though if you look back, game collections had happened before.  Not in the same way, but they did happen.  Previous collections, say, in the PSP/PS2 era, were actually bigger than the ones that are coming out right now.  Some collections not only offered games, but offered a huge number of games.  They weren’t up to the level of PS2 games like today’s collections are, but they offered a lot of content.

Thinking back to the PSP generation, there are such collections that can be played on the PS Vita.  One game to offer hundreds of hours of content are available, if you have the right tools.  One such collection just wouldn’t make a PSP library complete without it.  Here is our official review of the PSP title, Sega Genesis Collection!

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Title: Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
Developer: Namco Bandai Games
Game Type: PlayStation Vita
Download: 3.0 GB
NA Availability: 
Digital Download

EU Availability: Digital Download

Action RPG’s are plentiful on the PS Vita, but their variety is not.  If you take a look at the Vita’s collection of Action Role-Playing Games without looking at backwards compatible games, what will you find?  Ys: Memories of Celceta.  Ragnarok Odyssey Ace.  Soul Sacrifice Delta.  Toukiden: Age of Demons.  God Eater 2 in Japan.  The upcoming Freedom Wars and Monster Hunter Frontier G.  These are many, and there are others as well.  However, almost all of these are one specific type of Action RPG’s: Hunting Games.

Hunting Games are slowly taking over the handheld market.  Even Nintendo is jumping in the trend.  However, PlayStation Vita fans don’t have to fret for much longer, as there are more Action RPG’s coming, and some of them are quite unique and different from Hunting Games.  Some of them are almost in a genre of themselves, though some still feel that any Action RPG where you fight giant monsters is automatically a Hunting Game.

That statement is false, and a misconception about the review I am about to give you.  Namco Bandai Games have brought a truly unique Action RPG to the PlayStation Vita, getting its roots from a video game-themed anime series.  An Offline MMORPG for all intents and purposes, here is our official review of one of the most anticipated PS Vita titles of the year, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment!

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Another giveaway has drawn to a close for the month.  Our August giveaway was a unique giveaway as it was an Indie Game, though that didn’t stop a huge 72 people from entering to get this beautiful game!  Tied with the fact that this is a cross-buy game, it’s definitely a game worth a look!  Let us give congratulations to our winners.

As promised though, we reached over 1,000 followers on Twitter this month, which allowed us to celebrate by doubling this giveaway!  We normally only have one winner for our US giveaways, but in celebration of 1.000 Followers, here are not one, but our TWO winners!

- DarkAngelRafael
- Felix824

Congratulations to them for winning the contest, and for the 70 others who entered!  Remember that we will be back next month with another giveaway, and also remember we have a very big review coming tomorrow, for all anime and RPG fans!

Thank You for the continued support and have a great day!

Title: Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds
Developer: 5pb Games USA
Game Type: PlayStation Vita
Download: 1.1 GB
NA Availability: 
Digital Download

EU Availability: Digital Download

The PlayStation Vita is home to a lot of different genres of games, new and old.  One genre in particular that it is in no shortage of is the fighting and brawler genre.  There are a lot of fighting games on the Vita, from PlayStation All-Stars to BlazBlue to Street Fighter x Tekken.  One thing it doesn’t have a lot of is the kind of brawler that doesn’t always have you only playing through one on one fights in small arenas.  There were some games years back that had you playing a brawler against multiple enemies across expansive areas.

That genre isn’t completely dead.  Not that long ago, the PlayStation Vita got a game much like this.  Taking advantage of how eager Third Party developers are to port and remake games from other consoles onto the Vita, we have gotten a new brawler to the system that isn’t like any other on the system.  This game was taken straight from the Xbox Live Arcade.

Having only been released for about a week, this game still has a lot going for it, though it is one of the many digital-only titles for the Vita, only playable if you buy it and download it from the PlayStation Store.  Pulling nostalgic music and graphics with fast-paced brawler gameplay and an anime style of characters, here is our official review of Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds.

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Hello everyone!
The EU giveaway is over, and the time has come to annouce the winners!


Congratulations to @FinnishGamer_ and @TheAlexPerson for winning this month’s EU giveaway!
Your codes should be in your DM’s by now. :)

Enjoy the game!
And thanks to everyone for participating!

Unfortunately, we failed to break the Entry Record. Bummer. :(

Oh well, better luck next time!

Stay tuned for the next EU giveaway!




Today is a very important day for the PS Vita Direct movement.  Ever since Gamescom 2014, PS Vita Direct, also #PSVitaDirect on Twitter has been trying to plan and go full-force into new and exciting things.  We at PS Vita Reviews have made a collaboration with them to showcase some of the best and brightest games of various genres on the Vita and here is what we have come up with.

I present to you a 15-game Video Review and our first ever attempt at Video Reviews.  If this goes over well, we will be looking into a Video Capture Card to start doing Video Reviews for every review that we post on the site!

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Hello everyone!

The special surprise for EU people is here:

I’m holding a giveaway for The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy!

This is also the first time I’m announcing one on the blog itself and not just on Twitter. Yay. :P

Sony EU was kind enough to provide us with 2 codes that we can giveaway!

How to join? Simple!


Follow us on Twitter and retweet the following tweet to enter:

The giveaway is going to end on this Saturday at 1PM CEST!

Good luck to all of you!