Recap October 2

It’s the end of the month, and you all know what that means!  It’s time to round up every review we have posted for the entire month and give you, our followers, our Review Recap!  Do note that this month wasn’t a particularly busy month for us.  We only managed to amass ten reviews, as opposed to our normal 12-15.  We are working on getting that productivity back up in November, so don’t worry about content dropping too low in the months to come!

Still, we have some important reviews in here, so let’s take a look at all of the game and app reviews for the month of October 2014:


PlayStation Now 


Flying Hamster HD
Invizimals: The Alliance
Jaggy Race (PS Mobile)
Lord of Arcana (PSP)
Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition
On Call (PS Mobile)
Race the Sun
The 3rd Birthday (PSP)


PlayStation TV


It was a good month for the Vita and November is looking to be good as well.  Be sure to watch our site as we will have some new reviews coming soon.  One of which will be posted tomorrow morning!  Thank you for your continued support.


App Title: PlayStation Now
App Type: PlayStation Vita
File Size: 97 MB
NA Availability: Digital Download
EU Availability: Digital Download
PSTV Support: Yes

Applications are very few and far between on the PS Vita.  If you recall, it’s been several months since we have posted a review on an application for the Vita.  There used to be a situation where applications were coming out very often, particularly on the PlayStation Mobile platform.  However, there have been some new applications coming to the PS Vita, lately, and it’s time we made a new App Review!

Game Rentals and Game Streaming have been a mixed bag since the very concept of it was made.  Do you want to rent a game to play it and not really own it?  It’s a difficult question.  Apart from that, how much would you be willing to pay for this service?  What would be your definition of being too expensive for renting a game for a certain amount of time?  However, it is happening.  While it hasn’t gone full-force yet, there is now an Open Beta for the service called PlayStation Now for both the PS Vita and the PlayStation TV.

PlayStation Now is a service that allows gamers to stream PlayStation 3 games onto their other devices.  You can pay a fee per game and for how long you want, and you can stream the game onto your device over the Internet to be able to play it.  Thinking on this, there are so many questions that need to be answered.  Now that it has been available on both the Vita and the PSTV for a few weeks, here is our official review of the PlayStation Now app!

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Title: The 3rd Birthday
Developer: Square Enix
Game Type: PSP
Download: 1.2 GB
NA Availability: 
Digital Download

EU Availability: Digital Download
PSTV Support: Yes

There are many franchises that didn’t seem to last very long, and got revived years later.  There aren’t a lot of franchises this has happened to, but there are some.  Doom, for example, went almost 10 years between games.  Final Doom in 1996 and Doom 3 in 2004.  That is a more well-known franchise that this happened to.  There are other franchises this happened to as well.  Some of them are even from the big company for Japanese RPGs, Square Enix.

Back in the days of the original PlayStation, Square Enix, then called Squaresoft, developed a cross between Survival Horror and RPGs called Parasite Eve.  These were essentially called “Resident Evil with a touch of Final Fantasy”, offering a horror game with RPG elements.  The series lasted two games and dropped off the face of the Earth, or so gamers thought.  10 years after the release of Parasite Eve 2, Square Enix released a sequel.

Every time one of these franchises gets revived, it’s a surprise.  After all, when 10 years goes by and there isn’t a sequel to a game, the series is considered halted.  However, every so often, companies pull some tricks out of their sleeves and continue old franchises, although most of these are reboots rather than sequels.  As we dive into one of these revivals, here is our official review of what is considered Parasite Eve 3, the PSP title, The 3rd Birthday!

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Title: Race the Sun
Developer: Flippfly
Game Type: PlayStation Vita
Download: 111 MB
NA Availability: 
Digital Download

EU Availability: Digital Download
PSTV Support: Yes

Among Indie titles, there are a lot of new genres that are being formed.  Some of these genres, we have already done reviews of.  For example,  not too long ago, we reviewed the game Run Like Hell, which is in the Endless Runner genre.  That game was a side-scrolling game where you are endlessly running and gaining power-ups while avoiding traps and enemies.  It was set like Mobile games such as Sonic Dash or Temple Run.  The Vita has a few of this type, and that list is growing.

There are a few variations of this genre, too.  There are Endless Runners, but there are also runners that are called Endless Flyers.  These are games where you fly through the air instead of run.  These also tend to be 3D runners, as opposed to 2D side-scrolling games.  An example of this would be Iron Man 3 on the Mobile platform, but there are also others out there, on the PC platform, like Flippfly’s game, Race the Sun.

Since that game had released on PC, the developer has been working on bringing its high-speed flying action to the console world. As of this past week, it has come to the PlayStation Ecosystem, having released as a Cross-Buy game.  This means that if you buy it, you will get the game for PS Vita, PS3, as well as PS4.  If you’re interested in this high-speed flyer, here is our official review of Race the Sun!

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It’s almost towards the end of October, and we finally have our new Giveaway ready!  We have been working very hard at setting this up, so hear us out and see what we have in store for you.  It has been well more than a month since our last Giveaway, but we have a new US/North America Giveaway, and it’s for a game that is coming out in exactly one week: Freedom Wars!

Remember that this is a North America/United States Giveaway, and we have changed the way we are doing these Giveaways.  We will no longer be accepting entries though Twitter, Blog Comments, and Email.  Instead, we have created a Forum/Message Board for our site, and our Giveaways will be done there.  Requirements for entering the giveaway are as follows:

1. You must register as a member on our forum -
2. You must have at least 5 collective postings on that forum.  This can include new topics and responses
3. Respond to the Freedom Wars Giveaway topic on the forum to express interest – Giveaway Topic

Once you respond to the topic, you will be added to the Giveaway List, and when the winner is decided, they will be announced on the forums and given their Download Code for Freedom Wars on the forum in the form of a Private Message from me.

You have from right now until midnight on October 28th, the release day of Freedom Wars,to enter this contest.  So,head on over to our forums and enter for your chance to win!  As always, good luck to all!


Title: Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition
Developer: Mojang, 4J Studios
Game Type: PlayStation Vita
Download: 170 MB
NA Availability: 
Digital Download | Retail 

EU Availability: Digital Download | Retail
PSTV Support: Yes

When you talk about Indie games, there are a lot of people in the console community that will have their moods and hearts sink.  With the Indie library flourishing, especially on PlayStation systems, many gamers have become uneager to play them, or even acknowledge them.  Many feel like the Indie Movement of sorts is a scourge to the gaming community and is stopping the Vita from having new AAA games like a new Uncharted, Gravity Rush, God of War, Gran Turismo, and others.

Indies are widely regarded as low budget “shovelware” in the views of a large chunk of the community.  However, one thing that those people may not know is that not all Indie games are games that are looked down upon.  There has been an Indie game that has risen up even higher than many console and PC games in terms of popularity and is a AAA game of sorts: Minecraft.

Minecraft has gotten so popular there is merchandise, hand books, shirts, and more available to it.  For the Vita, though, Minecraft hitting the digital release catalog a week ago was a big deal.  This will be the first time that the full Minecraft Console experience will be available on-the-go, not to mention the cross-buy and upgrade opportunities for the PS3 and PS4 versions.  How does the game stack up in its transition from PS3 to PS Vita?  We have answers.  Here is our official review of Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition!

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There have been a lot of features that fans have wanted for the PlayStation Vita as well as its games.  To name a few, people have asked for screenshots for all available games and a recently-given wish for customizable themes for the system.  Some of these desires have been granted and some have not.  One of the most-asked features, however, is the ability to display and play PS Vita games on a television, as if it were a console.  This feature is not available to the Vita like it was to the PSP.  Not directly, anyways.

Taking on this idea of being able to play Vita games on a TV, Sony devised a sort of “Micro Console” known as the PS Vita TV.  This was Japan-only for the longest time, and let you play many Vita games as well as PSP, PS1, and more on HDTV’s.  The exclusivity to the Asia continents did not last, though.  Just this past week, Sony brought the micro console to the West, naming it the PlayStation TV.

Surrounding the PlayStation TV, also called the PSTV, are many questions.  What games are compatible?  What games are going to get compatibility later on?  Do the Vita’s apps work on the peripheral?  If you have questions, we hope to bring you answers.  Here is our official review of the PlayStation TV!

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Title: Flying Hamster HD
Developer: The Game Atelier
Game Type: PlayStation Vita
Download: 96 MB
NA Availability: 
Digital Download 

EU Availability: Digital Download 

The age of Mobile Gaming is getting more popular by the day.  You will see a lot of people out there, playing Mobile games.  Angry Birds.  Plants vs Zombies.  There are even more games out there that are getting popular in the Mobile Gaming scene.  With all of these games getting popular on Mobile, many of them are coming over the borders and into the console gaming scene.  From the Xbox One to the PlayStation Vita, more and more Mobile games are crossing those borders.

On the PlayStation Vita, there are a lot of Mobile games coming, both through PlayStation Mobile and native games.  We have reviewed some of these, from Angry Birds Star Wars to Plants vs Zombies.  As the months go by, more and more Mobile titles are crossing those borders.  Some of these games are lesser-known titles as well, allowing handheld gamers to see more of these games.  Some of them come over, even with an “HD” name attached to them.

Today’s review is going to be on one of those Mobile titles, and is a fast-paced shoot-em-up game.  Not only is this a fast-paced game, but it’s also a more everyone-oriented game.  Starring a cute little hamster and his constantly-kidnapped lady hamster, here is our official review of the side-scrolling game, Flying Hamster HD!

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Title: On Call
Developer: Ecto
Game Type: PlayStation Mobile
Download:  156 MB
NA Availability: 
Digital Download, Direct Download
EU Availability: Digital Download, Direct Download

Thanks to Unity, PlayStation Mobile has been getting more 3D games coming out.  Some of these games are turning into solid experiences and others are not.  There are some very pretty Unity games, like the Soulbrain games, though they don’t run very well.  That has been a huge let-down with PlayStation Mobile, lately.  Some games have very unique experiences, but don’t run very well.  This can easily turn people away from those games.

However, not all of those games run poorly.  If you checked our last PlayStation Mobile review, Jaggy Race, you will see that the platform is very capable of making games that run well.  That game ran at an impressive 60 frames per second, something that even some native Vita titles struggle to reach.  As we think about that, there are other PS Mobile games out there that run well and offer unique and some familiar experiences for quick on-the-go gaming.

Today’s review is for a game that brings back a genre that isn’t highlighted much on the Vita: First-Person Shooting.  While this game is more exploration than anything, PlayStation Mobile has a few games that can bring large areas and first-person shooting action to owners of the Vita.  Mixing science fiction aerial combat with first-person exploration, here is our official review of the Unity game, On Call!

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Title: Invizimals: The Alliance
Developer: Novarama, SCEA 
Game Type: PlayStation Vita
Download: 1.3 GB
NA Availability: 
Digital Download  | Retail

EU Availability: Digital Download  | Retail

Ever since Sony went into the handheld market with the PSP, and now the PS Vita, there have been a lot of questions.  Many of these questions regarded when certain types of games would be coming out on those handheld systems.  Big franchises like Metal Gear Solid and God of War, among others.  One of the biggest questions, though, is when or if Sony will make a new IP in response to the ongoing Nintendo monster-catching franchise, Pokemon.

Since the PSP launched, there were a few attempts at this.  One notable game is called Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner.  This was a third-party PSP game that featured jewel-gathering to capture monsters to summon and use in turn-based battles.  Three years later, though, there was a franchise that began that has dawned five games across three PlayStation consoles.  Taking the monster-capturing theme of Pokemon and combining it with Augmented Reality, the franchise known as Invizimals was born.

Invizimals began on the PSP as more of a test to combine camera-based augmented reality with monster-catching.  As it went into the world, it became a franchise.  Mostly based in the Europe region, Invizimals has seen three PSP games, a PS3 game, a TV series, and one game on the PlayStation Vita with another on the way.  Being the series’ first entry on the Vita and its much-anticipated debut in North America, here is our official review of Invizimals: The Alliance!

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